Leroy Brothers' BDRtist turns your messages and pictures into museum artworks.
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Every 100 hours you can be selected (become a "selectee") and earn 1 leroy brothers !

A new Leroy Brothers Artwork is created by meshing-up the best entries.

Your name will be mentioned on a Leroy Brothers artwork, as seen here »>

Imagine! A Leroy Brothers artwork with your name on show in museums and galleries around the world!! 

Every 1.000 hours the Leroy Brothers artwork with the best score is selected.  These are the works going on show.  If your entry is part of this artwork you are nominated (become a "nominee") and earn 1  . 

…and you are eligible to win the main prize!

Every 10.000 hours the nominees are eligible to win the main prize!

The main winner is the nominated user with the highest overall score

You win:

1. your Leroy Brothers painting worth $10.000!

2. an invitation to a Leroy Brothers show anywhere in the world. This invitation includes a return ticket from where you are located to where the show will happen… be it in Shanghai, London or New York! + athree night hotel stay!

3. you will be treated as a star artist on the opening event of the Leroy Brothers show!

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